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It was so easy to walk with you

It was so easy to laugh with you

It wasn’t easy to tell the truth

It broke both our hearts

I am not responsible for your thoughts

But I feel I am

I can’t control how you work

But I don’t want to make you sad

I want to say I’m sorry

But what good would that do



The horror

What good are you bringing to the world when you push your lies and misconceptions at those who know the truth?

You want to knock down people who don’t believe and think the very same things as you.

You want to be hypocritical when I know what you have done.

*When you are leaving this world, what good do you think you’ve done?

Will it all be worth it?

The misery, the pain you’ve inflicted on others but mostly on yourself?

I can stand here happy, knowing I can stand strong in the truth, while you are living in your pain body not knowing what to do.

Starting fights, calling names, placing blame

Yet god forbid someone did that to you…oh the hypocrisy 

I’d like to think the world is changing, rearranging from myths and fairytales to what actually will prevail, the truth.

But as we take 5 steps forward, there are those pulling us ten steps behind.

I’d like to think it is the elders and who can blame them? They are resistant to change what they’ve always known.  Too scared to see what the future holds.

But the uneducated, the ignorant are born each day.

I’d like to not blame the mothers, the fathers, but the individual themselves.

I know its hard to stand up and take control of your mind, but you have to know when things aren’t right.

My mother, my father are liberal at best, I love them with all my heart.

But I know there are things that they’ll never seek to understand, and I feel it is up to me to leave knowing I’ve affected the future in some way.

How can I be silent in the face of so much ignorance?

Believe what you what to believe, but don’t push it on me or anyone.

Now you have lost sight of what it all really means.

I don’t think the book was made to reprimand; to cause pain

But you use it as a weapon

Every day you ask for peace, but your book has started every war we’ve ever known

What are you fighting for anymore?

You are grasping with all your strength, hitting this book along in your life, hoping that it will get you to an afterlife?

This life is a gift, this world is a gift.

I know there are mysteries you want to solve, but open your eyes this life is the answer.

Open your eyes this world is the answer.

You are missing out on all this peace that you are dying to seek.



the waiting game

I pray i’ll break down your walls

watch them crumble

watch them fall

watch the pieces dissipate

as my heart waits

for your hands to hold

ill play the waiting game

but fear its all in vein

ill play the waiting game

but can only hold on for so long

doing things I’ve never done

trying to right the wrongs

changing what I thought I had become

can I tell you who I was

would that matter if you knew

can I show you what I want

would you hear me and follow through?

ill play the waiting game

but i fear its all in vein

ill play the waiting game

but i can only hold on for so long

open up to me please

show me what you need

put two feet on the ground

and look at me

show me what I know

we could be

ll play the waiting game

but i can only hold on for so long



enough is enough

Good or bad
I want a reaction(an action)
Cause deaths waiting patiently in the middle
Holding out a hand for you to hold

We might as well create silence
Than breath a word of dishonest y
We Might as well not live another day if its in hiding

Saving everyone’s feelings but your own
Working on putting everyone else 10 feet above what should be your throne

Enough is enough
Haven’t you Had enough
For one lifetime?

there are no excuses left to not get to work
When I can barely stand the sight of me
The excuses melt away like water
Running over me

And we are all good things
Tainted by the world
And what its pushed us to believe

But we are stronger smarter than we think
It comes in moments in comes in signs but once your open it comes all the time

Come on along and wander with me
Come on along and be free

the villain vs. the victim

Trying to cut corner but you know that it won’t be worth it
Eating up your promises
Swearing next time you’ll make it work
Running out of breath trying to prove your point
Running out of time trying to prove
Your still mine
Taking up with villains
In your underground village
Plotting all the ways you’ll make them pay
But left to your own devices
You cry in shame
Drinking up your freedom
Wasting all your time
On only endless promises
On only truthful lies

I don’t want to have to try but I will
Enough is enough
I don’t want to have to try but I will
Enough is enough

love is free

As my body fails me
I push through
You always told me
To go home and take it all off
Put I push through
BC I won’t let this hold me. back

And I’d die an early death
Before your words
Would ever touch this again
And I’d give my last breath
To ever succomb to this again

I whisper the room silent
As their worse fears I scream aloud
I say what you want to say
You just haven’t found how

And let me be your saviour
Let me show you how
Cause I can’t do a thing if you dont
Let me

Watching you walk along the edge
And well dance there for a minute
Watch you back away
As I freefall
Watch you crawl away
As I lose it all
What you think is everything

Here’s a match Now let me light it
And you like the idea of me
Especially inside of me
But you can’t be a man
And I just don’t understand

My love is free if you’d let it be
Tell me when you wanna go
Forgive me I can’t hide this

All this trouble got me excited
But forgive me I can’t hide me
My love is free
Tell me when you wanna gbutI can tell you things
Make you less afraid
Save your pain but
Common law will be revealed

Make the hair stand up on your neck
Not alone I’ll be there

All will be revealed my friends



im an advocate of actions

with words so empty

how could you be surprised at my actions

own your consequences

because you willed them so

own yourself

because you have control

I am broken but I can be fixed

I am damaged but I can be repaired

I will not settle in despair

I have woken up and looked myself in the mirror

and am tired of what I see

time to make a change, I’m ready

time to change the tune, i’m ready

time to face the truth, I’m ready

If i’m honest with myself, I can be honest with you finally.



Letting go

no one ever said it was easy

because if it was everyone would do it

you say you hate to see me cry

and I know its true

I’m listening now like never before

I am not only hearing but feeling your words

you wanted to save me

first from my own misery

now from what more you could inflict on me

and I know its true

but I can’t stop the painful grasp I have on you

because letting go is hard to do

and even though we agree that this is through

I can’t stop loving you regardless of all I put you through

in a moment things change and in this moment I’ve let go

and I know. its. true.



i don’t think anything could be worse than reaching for nothing

calling for an answer with no avail

i don’t think anything could be more empty

more lonely

than your absence in the sun